Shopping Alerts By Stncyl

Shopping Alerts by Stncyl is a fully managed, white labeled platform that delivers high value, personalized e-commerce recommendations to your audience.

Deal alerts, product & brand discovery and more

Deal Discovery

Alert Your Audience To Price Drops On Products In Their Size From Brands They Love

Product Discovery

Our Recommendation Engine Will Automatically Suggest New Products Based On Shopping Patterns

Brand Discovery

Everyone Loves Discoving Hot New Brands. We Make That Process Seamless

And More

New Products & Modules Launching Soon

Mobile & Email First Product

Shopping Alerts By Stncyl is an email first product designed to generate incredible value for your audience, regardless of how frequently they return to your owned and operated properties.

We Match Your Brand Look & Feel
Easy Onboarding & Personalization For New Users
Fun Shopping Experience In The Inbox

Fully Managed, Branded Experience

STNCYL manages the entire program while keeping your brand front and center. Everything from the sign up to shopping will maintain a continuous look and feel for your audience.